It comes from four varieties of olive trees: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino.
The "Moraiolo" variety makes up approximately 80% of the entire production since it is more suitable for living at about 400 mt. asl
It is from this larger amount of "Moraiolo" that comes the slightly bitter taste of the oil, which is widely appreciated by our customers.
Yellow in colour with deep green hues, it gives off fresh flavours, recalling apples and almonds.
Its acidity is always very low because the olives are pressed just after collection.
It comes in two types of packaging:

1/2 litre bottles and 5-litre cans.

1/2 litre bottles
5-litre cans

Bottled oil is always filtered to better preserve its organoleptic qualities.

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